Kivi Talu

Kivi Farm is situated in Harju County, Rae Municipality, Aaviku Village. It is a property sized 3.7 hectares. The family’s hobby has been designing the property. This attracted attention and Kivi Farm has been awarded a number of Beautiful Home titles in the country home category. In 1999, the Farm came first in Rae Municipality competition, and as the local winners automatically enter the county competition (which is also the highest level in this competition), Kivi Farm gained 1st position also in the county competition in 2000.

The campsite services are particularly well rooted and flourish in the summer period. Kivi Farm offers a wide green area for campers as well as for those travelling in a motorhome. An advantage is that Tallinn is close by, yet the site is fully natural – private, peaceful, and safe.

Campers are offered a range of options at Kivi Farm. Regular buses ensure quick arrival to and from Tallinn, while the village of Jüri, and the entire Harju County also offer a range of interesting sights.

There are also a number of possibilities for events involving sports at Kivi Farm (e.g., tennis, basketball, volleyball) as well as in the adjoining Jüri village. In the close vicinity of Kivi Farm runs a more than 5 km long illuminated Jüri health track for exercise both in the summer and winter. Barely half a kilometre away is Rae Municipality Sports Centre with a number of sports halls, a swimming pool, and saunas. Also, the school stadium is available.

GPS: N 59°21`09″ E24°54`54″