Mereoja camping

Mereoja Camping is situated on a beautiful limestone cliff right by the sea in Aseri Parish, Viru County.

The ideal spot to spend your vacation – private, sandy beach, gorgeous nature, relaxing sound of the sea, rich birdsong and plenty of recreational opportunities nearby!

The campsite has a special designated area just for kids to have fun! We have a huge playground, several swings, and a playhouse with plenty of toys.

Our shelter with adjustable walls accommodates up to 120 people and keeps out the wind and rain, or gives shade from the sun. The BBQ area has tables, benches, and several full-size grills.

We have a small on site convenience store stocking hot and cold beverages, ice cream, frozen food, and daily essentials. The main building has information and flyers on local sites of interest.

GPS: N 59°25’47» E 26°57’21’



Ermistu puhkeküla

Our Holiday Village is located near the largest  lake in Western Estonia and the best place for fishing – Lake Ermistu.

You can stay in one of our cabins – each accommodates four people; we also have places for tents and caravans. There is a sauna on the shore of the lake.

We also rent out boats and boat engines.

Getting there

We are located by a canal in the southern end of Lake Ermistu in Tõstamaa Rural Municipality in Pärnu County; the Holiday Village is about 2.3 km north of Tõstamaa and about 40 km from Pärnu.

GPS: N 58°21’18» , E24°00’11»



Camping Pikseke

Кемпинг Пиксеке расположен в живописном старинном курортном городе Хаапсалу. В удалении 2-3 километров от кемпинга находятся курортная инфраструктура, старинный епископский замок, музеи, санаторные лечебницы, пляжи, спортивные сооружения, туристические инфо-пункты, променад и много другого интересного. В кемпинге 40 мест для караванов, автодач или палаток с электричеством, также 2 домика. К услугам гостей летняя кухня, стиральная машина, душевые, туалеты, опустошение караван-туалетов, баня с каминной комнатой, а также WiFi.

Также имеется прокат велосипедов.

Добро пожаловать!

GPS: N 58°’55’40» E 23°32’15»





Vaibla Holiday Centre

Vaibla Holiday Centre is located in a picturesque area on the northern shore of Lake Võrtsjärv. It is surrounded by a pine forest on one side and by the lake and a white sandy beach on the other. A grass-covered caravan park with electricity is located directly on the shore of Lake Võrtsjärv. The holiday makers can use a mini-kitchen. Right next to the caravan park we have a beach pavilion where you can spend a nice evening. The beach, ball court, playground and kiosk are all close at hand.

Additionally, you can go fishing, try water sports and hire boats from the boat harbour.

GPS: N 58°24’31» E 26°03’04»




Vanamõisa Caravanpark

Caravan Park is next to the beautiful Vanamõisa Open-Air Centre. The small town of Saue is close by (1.5 km away); all the essentials: ATM, shops, post office, doctor, etc. are available there.
There are both paved and grass-covered spaces for 80 motor homes and caravans at out caravan park. Likewise, you can find a place to set up your tent or stay in a camping cabin at our park. The following conveniences are at your disposal:
• showers and WC
• kitchen and the outdoor grill of the caravan park
• washing machine and dryer
• means to empty the toilets in motor homes and caravans
• potable water for filling the car water tanks
The cafe of the caravan park sells convenience goods, souvenirs, equipment for motor homes and caravans, and soft drinks. You can also use the free Wi-Fi network in the cafe.
People interested in sports can play mini golf, disc golf and cubicle golf at the caravan park; the basketball court is also at the visitors’ disposal. You can rent bicycles, basketballs, disc golf discs and other sports equipment from us.
We offer the opportunity of horse riding for both adults and children. Playgrounds with exciting attractions, a mini zoo and climbing towers are waiting for children at Vanamõisa as well. You can rent a grill pavilion at the Vanamõisa Open-Air Centre—it is cosy to spend time there, both when using the indoor and outdoor grill. All kinds of cultural events also take place at the centre. You can participate in the events at a discount as a client of the caravan park.


GPS: N 59°19’50» E24°32’23»



Konse Motel & Caravan Camping

Кемпинг Konse открыт в 2002 году. Собственником является семейная фирма, цель которой – предложить нашим гостям хорошее обслуживание, приватность и безопасность.Кемпинг приветствует также ценителей тихого отдыха (музыка не звучит, за исключением 24 июня, когда по всей Эстонии отмечается праздник летнего солнцестояния).Мы находимся в центре Пярну, на берегу реки Пярну. Дойти пешком до моря, пляжа или культурно-развлекательных мест можно за 10-15 минут.В гостевом доме 31 комната на 88 спальных мест. Лагерная площадка для автодач вмещает 80-90 автодач или прицепов-дач. Вся территория кемпинга с трех сторон огорожена забором, и одна сторона граничит с рекой. Территория освещена и на всех лагерных площадках имеется возможность подключения к электросети.Для автотуристов имеются отдельные туалеты, душ, общая кухня со всей необходимой техникой, стиральная машина с сушилкой.
Возможность опорожнения химического туалета.Открыт бесплатный Интернет-пункт, вся территория покрыта зоной действия WiFi. Работает кафе.


 GPS: N 58°23’05» E 24°31’35»